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Wake up

The Lived Experience of the Shared Biofield

Outline and Background Chapter


I am writing this during the great Covid 19 Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, through 2022. In a way it’s a fitting if tragic context. What could challenge us more to be our true selves, our best and highest selves and to come to understand reality in completely new ways, than the threat of an invisible pervasive disease? 

It is spring and summer and the flowers are budding, the birds arriving in glorious song. And yet many people have died and many more are getting sick or suffering “long Covid”. Many have lost their income and businesses at least for a while - showing us as well the stark inequities of social and economic injustice.

It’s as if Mother Earth casually sneezed one of her viruses and those droplets became the catalyst for us to stop what we are doing, reset and pause the crazy madness of our usual ways of being. We are all asked as new variants emerge to stay home, or at various stages in the pandemic to wear masks, physically distance from one another and to get fully vaccinated... you know the drill.

In a larger context, climate change presents an existential challenge to humanity. The Covid 19 virus may just be a warning sign of things to come – a harbinger of what happens when deforestation runs amok, and the diseases hidden amongst wild animals transpose to the human population. Severe weather patterns, dramatically increasing wildfires and coastal flooding are all on the rise. Are we even listening? Or are we too busy chasing distractions, the needs of our egos and the collective insanity of aspiring for power over others?

But is this also an opportunity, as hard as it is, to reset and reconsider how we live our lives? The headlong endless race of consumerism and dog eat dog. The endless rushing about for what we may not even recall, or need. The continued oppression of the marginalized and racialized, the destruction of forests, ecosystems and thousands of species – what exactly do we think we are doing in the unending search for wealth, profit and power?


We are killing and forcing suffering on our brothers and sisters (think about the 2022 Russian war with Ukraine as our most recent example of human idiocy) because they look different, love differently and act or believe differently than those with power. Clearly we do not understand ourselves as a society and culture. Further, this failure in my view is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of reality itself.

However this can surely be a turning point for Humanity in the best sense. If we let it be.

Jean Houston says, “Now is the time when we must renew ourselves and live as if we and all of life is sacred, and as if everything we do makes a difference."

And the late Barbara Marx Hubbard said, “Our crisis is our opportunity.“

It is entirely possible as the Buddhists say that, “We are in the Universe and the Universe is also in us.”

In these urgent times of great change it is more important than ever that we learn to care for ourselves and at the same time care for and coexist with one another better than ever have before – to deeply understand that others are literally our brothers and sisters and that their suffering and celebration is also ours. 

This could in fact be the final human existential crisis and at the same time it could alternatively be humanity’s Golden Age. The transition from the old way of being to the new. It depends on each of us and our collective response.

But how can we do this if we are overwhelmed with fear and greed, collectively and individually? When we are pushed always or often towards our ego needs at the expense of others? Sadly, even before the pandemic we seem to have become more detached from one another in an era that was supposed to produce more community.

One crucial way to navigate out of the current crisis of climate change, pandemics and political madness is to understand more deeply and carefully who we really are, how the universe actually works and how we can survive and thrive together - rather than alone and isolated, and along with this to better understand the true nature of reality. 

Quantum physics along with the writings and traditions of the Ancients give us clues.

The “fierce urgency of now” is not just a call to individual presencing, wellbeing and determined, focussed personal growth but also a siren song for all of Humanity - especially those who are privileged and who are responsible directly or indirectly for the conditions of those who suffer the most. Have you seen the dignity and grace with which those less privileged oftentimes cope with one more insult or deprivation to their being? Have you seen how single poor mothers sacrifice to protect and feed their children? Have you seen how new immigrants, especially refugees, fight to establish themselves and protect and support their families in their new countries?

Existential loneliness and the mistaken belief that we are all separate threatens our very survival as a species. It was already a pandemic of loneliness and separation only exacerbated and made clearer by Covid 19.

We owe it to ourselves and our communities to look deeper and find meaning in the chaos, to heal ourselves, and to learn to live harmoniously with all beings. This book is designed to help you do that.

This material is about the further exploration of the idea and impact of the Wacuri Method and Shared Biofield experience explored in our first book, Wake Up Curious. This book is the second in a trilogy of Wake Up books - The third will be Wake up In Community. See our website at

Biofield Science

Biofields are increasingly defined in scientific literature and in particular in the recently completed Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing system mapping report (April 2020 authored by CHI) as:

“Advances in biophysics, biology, functional genomics, neuroscience, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, and other fields suggest the existence of a subtle system of “Biofield” interactions that organize biological processes from the subatomic, atomic, molecular, cellular, and organismic to the interpersonal and cosmic levels.” See

The CHI report goes on to say, “Biofield interactions may bring about regulation of biochemical, cellular, and neurological processes through means related to electromagnetism, quantum fields, and perhaps other means of modulating biological activity and information flow.”

“The Biofield paradigm, in contrast to a reductionist, chemistry-centered viewpoint, emphasizes the informational content of biological processes; Biofield interactions are thought to operate in part via low-energy or “subtle” processes such as weak, nonthermal electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or processes potentially related to consciousness and nonlocality.”

While Biofield is a relatively new concept in scientific terms (identified by the US National Institutes of Health in 1994) this is actually an ancient concept across many cultures and mystical traditions. One way to think about this phenomenon is the simple idea that we all have energy fields - waves of electromagnetic energy and more that seem to emanate from our physical bodies into the air around us. This curiosity, usually ignored or seen as insignificant fact, is actually in my view an important part of human reality and beyond. When examined carefully, this part of our own existence has potentially huge implications for our health and wellness, and how we live our lives.

Biofields are said by experts in the field to not be fully bound by the laws of physics. To put it another way, Biofields appear to work within the new laws of quantum physics – that is, a universal phenomenon that operates beyond ordinary time and space. So, we are facing the profound paradox of living in physical bodies apparently bound by linear realities while at the same time “having” Biofields that are not. The implications are staggering.

In this book we are exploring not just new and fascinating scientific research on the Biofield, but also the direct personal lived experience of the Biofield. This approach is inherently subjective, but also touches into the domain of the millions of energetically sensitive beings – meditators, seers, energy healers and others emerging now on the planet. Indigenous cultures and Eastern cultures talk a lot about this direct experience in many different but connected ways.


Biofield Assumptions

I have a number of working hypotheses or assumptions that some might even say are presumptions about Biofields. In fact, others may consider these deliberately provocative (they are) or even outrageous. So be it. I am not afraid of stirring up a little controversy in the service of exploration and learning, especially of sacred things that may well shape our reality.

These assumptions are based not merely upon my own speculations but also upon my and others direct subjective lived experiences and intuitions as informed by ancient wisdom from many cultures, and in recent years informed by the new emerging science of subtle energies.


These assumptions include:

  • Biofields as they are being scientifically examined in the present day are       primarily focused on their healing aspects.       

  • Biofields are said by most healing practitioners and subtle energy scientists     to be close to the body, say at a maximum the breadth of fully extended arms.

  • My own experience and those of many spiritual traditions suggests however that the individual Biofield is immense.     

  • Further that it may even be Infinite, our doorway to the Universe itself.

  • If Biofields are immense or even just large, then they are all interacting/sharing with the Biofields of others, all the time.

  • Biofields may actually be the expression of Chi or Ki – Life Force Energy talked about in detail in almost all ancient eastern systems.

  • We are mostly unconscious of this level of reality and that gets us into all kinds of mess and troubles as a human race.

  • Becoming consciously aware of and learning to “curate” or mange our Biofields changes everything, especially in the field of human relationships.

  • Some scientists say, and I agree with them, that the Biofield is quantum in nature; that is, it behaves not according to the ordinary laws of physics but close to if not identical to the emerging laws of quantum physics. 

  • In my experience I have come to believe and experience that everything at every scale, not just human beings has a Biofield - every tree, every rock, every cell, every molecule, every atom, every star, every galaxy.

  • In this scenario all is a nested holarchy of Biofields using the analogy of Russian dolls, fractal to the nth degree. 1

  • The experience of the Biofield also includes the impact of the observer on all realities including our own - the halo effect.

  • Coherence entrainment and resonance all seem to play a role in our own     Biofields and in shared Biofield interactions.

  • The Biofield seems to emerge from the quantum vacuum according to subtle energy researchers, and this vacuum may be the background field of the entire cosmos.

I have come to realize that Biofields, and the interactions and combination and overlapping of Biofields, have a crucial role in how we live with ourselves and also together. In our first book we outlined the Wacuri Method and its implications for your study of yourself and your Inner Being and how you live your life. And in particular we examined the act of Sharing after a Wacuri Journey. This is just one example of conscious intentional Biofield interaction and shared Biofields.

This book is about the introduction of the idea of conscious and intentionally Shared Biofields. By that we mean the intentional awareness and management of our Biofields. The same is true for the collective or shared positive intention of a group or community. These create Transmissive experiences – the conscious intention of communications across Biofields.

I know now in hindsight, that I have often, if not always, directly experienced the shared Biofield. Whether it was talking to trees or sensing easily the moods and attitudes of others around me or discovering the ‘Ki flow” of Aikido, I have apparently been going to school on these aspects of reality my entire life!

During the writing of this book, I have chosen to go back to key/peak moments in my own life and re-examine them from a subtle energy perspective, that is from a direct and shared Biofield experience perspective. It has been a remarkably interesting exercise. I have tried to outline what I think the relevant lessons are from each experience.


Wake Up Curious 

Our first book Wake Up Curious outlines the discovery and invention of the Wacuri Method - a process designed to enable people to meet online and share a guided meditation both in listening at the same time but also to share their feelings, impressions and insights afterwards. The book gives the background of the Founders and outlines examples of guided Journeys and sample sharings. The book also explains the Wacuri Method of Guided Journeys in detail. We have created over 500 five-minute Journeys in a wide variety of topics and have participated in over 1,000 shared live experiences with a wide range of people and groups. This has led to experiments with family groups and businesses to explore the application of the method in different environments and contexts. The method is based upon a series of assumptions about Biofields and shared Biofields that are explored later in this book.

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