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Biofield Awareness


Building on what we already know about ourselves and digging a little deeper

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Intimate 6 Week Course

October 7 - Nov 11, 2023 | 10:00 am - 11:30 am PST.

Join us every Saturday, for an intimate 6 week live course, with Dan Spinner, CEO of The Biofield Awareness Institute as we explore further what it means to connect to our Biofield and the world around us. 

*classes will be recorded and sent out after each class. Expect the recordings within 2 business days.


These are only SOME of the Key Practices offered in this course.


  • Use daily Biofield movement intended to help transform your own difficult life events.

  • Honor and thank those who have paved the path before you.

  • Practice a simple way you can experience and realize your own Biofield.

  • Use daily simple yet powerful centering practices.

  • Practice Biofield Awareness in situations of conflict or high stress and tension.

  • Begin using your new found awareness to help create more harmony and beauty in your life.

  • "Listen to” and feel guidance and messages from the Earth.

  • Create a practice unique to you for interacting with Human Biofields.

  • Use the community of all beings to help guide you and assist you on your Journey

What You'll Receive

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“Dan’s Introduction to Biofield Movement through his recent class expanded my knowledge about my personal and collective energy field’s impact on my and others’ health and wellness.”

Dr. Anneli Driessen


  • Learn how you can attract abundance in your personal and professional life.

  • Understand the role of intergenerational trauma in your own growth.

  • Reshape the current chaos and madness of the world to a calmer experience.

  • Settle down your monkey mind chatter into a higher flow.

  • Honor your body’s wisdom and deep knowing.

  • Move with new integration, focus and clarity of purpose.

  • Strengthen your connections to Nature and the Green World

  • Use your Biofield Awareness skills to transform how you experience conflicts within yourself and with others.

  • Create inner peace and harmony.


These are only SOME of the potential benefits of this course.


Do I have to attend all classes live? 

Nope! All classes will be recorded and sent out within 2 business days so can watch them whenever convenient. 

Can I still attend if I have no previous Biofield Awareness experience?

Yes! We welcome anyone to attend this course, as it's easy to learn. You are welcome to purchase our Biofield Awareness for Beginners pre-recorded course if you'd prefer to learn the basics prior to this class.

Who could benefit from this course?

Biofield Awareness can be beneficial to anyone on a personal growth path, who has a direct experience of their own or others' energy fields. 

What can I expect from this course?

Each week you will receive an introductory email outlining the topics covered in the upcoming class, as well as exercises, guided meditations and journeys to help get you started. You will have the opportunity to create your own personal biofield practice. 

Are payment plans available?

Yes! If one lump sum is too much for you, we encourage you to break it down into 2 or 3 payments. If you are a student please let us know and we can offer additional discounts.

What is your refund policy?

A 100% refund is available up until one week prior to class. At this point you will already have received class one instructions and refunds will no longer be available.

Yoga in Nature

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One Payment

$275 USD


Two Payments

$137.50 USD


Registration closes October 6th


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