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Move like the Wind,
Live like a Tree

Reconnect with your body's wisdom and intuition!

Biofield Movement
Beta Course

We launched an 8 week Biofield Awareness Beta, with 25 people, in person and online, live, every Wednesday with the goal to teach the power of Biofield Movement and connection to your biofield and this is how it went.  


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Dan Spinner

Founder | Biofield Awareness

Dan Spinner is an executive and life coach for clients across three continents. Dan has been a senior executive with a number of NGOs including universities and hospitals and has helped raise over $300 million for charities and businesses. 

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Biofield Awareness

And Cellular Memory

The Biofield, is the intricate web of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates/ intraconnects the human body. It is a reflection of our life force, connecting our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Ancient traditions have long recognized this energetic aura, though modern science is only beginning to understand its profound implications. From the flow of Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine to the chakras of Ayurveda, different cultures have their own interpretations of this luminous field. The Biofield not only carries our vitality but also our memories, traumas, joys, and the essence of our very being. As we delve into this realm of energy and consciousness, I'd like to share a poem that captures the beauty and mystery of the Biofield and our interconnectedness with the universe.

- Linda Ming Lee, L.Ac. MSOM, Biofield Awareness Instructor

Success Stories

While the Biofield Awareness Institute cannot guarantee any specific results and the above testimonials do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome an individual may experience participating in a Biofield Awareness Course, these participants report having positive experiences.

“Dan’s gentle wisdom augmented the teachings of his Biofield Movement course. Anyone seeking to understand the blueprint of self, and the energetic world around, would benefit from this learning. More so, this class provides a deeply enriching experience. ”

Deanna Stephenson

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