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Biofield Movement

8 Week Beta Course

We can learn to move like the wind and live like a tree. The natural world has much to teach us about how to live in harmony with ourselves, others, and the Planet itself. When we connect deeply to the Green World we are taught amongst other things to “slow down” in out Inner Being. To reconnect, to rediscover that inner still point. Nature invokes in us a depth and understanding that is way beyond the intellect and lives only through the heart. The Earth speaks to us a in myriad ways if we are listening. Our whole Being can respond, awakening the wisdom and depth of insights available through the miracle of the Human Body. Put another way consciously reconnecting with our bodies can teach us about who we really are and how to live in harmony with all Beings.

We can learn to move like the wind and live like a tree.

Course Details


Throughout the eight week course, students attended each class online or in person. While each class is completed on its own, they are designed to build upon one another in the perspectives offered and the skills shared. Dan guided students through the process but encourages weekly prep, readings and exercises which are shared below.

Students are not required to do the extra work, but may find them helpful in that they may deepen your experience. 

Dan performs class in a high flow, intuitive state and the movements and commentary shared while in the contact of these topics below, will be spontaneous and in moment as Dan "feels" the need and progress of the participants moment to moment. 

Each reading is an extraction from from Dan Spinners upcoming book "Wake up Connected"

Scroll across for all eight week course outlines!

*Please note These 8 Week Course Outlines are for informational purposes only. Please read the Disclaimer before accessing any of the materials made available on the Course Outlines.

Week One

Ancient Wisdom Lineage and Traditional Class

Preview and Introduction


Prep: Reflect upon your own lineage and ancestry, connect with your healed ancestors, consider any intergenerational trauma, and set and intention to help that transform. 


Reading: Book extract “A Mother’s Intention to transcend”


Guided Journey: Journey to the Elders at

Exercises: Sit quietly in or move gently with gratitude for those who have come before you and then ask for their guidance and support in your growth.

Upcoming Course

| Oct 4, 2023

Biofield Awareness

Check out our newest Biofield Movement course. Taking place October 4- November 11th. REGISTER NOW!

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