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About | Dan Spinner

Dan Spinner is an executive and life coach for clients across three continents. Dan has been a senior executive with a number of NGOs including universities and hospitals and has helped raise over $300 million for charities and businesses. Along with his more traditional work, Dan has​ ​been the CEO of the Deepak Chopra Foundation and a senior advisor to the Esalen Institute. Responding to the need for deeper connections with self, others, and the natural world, in 2016 he co-founded a California based company to advance access to deeply meaningful, evidence-based, transmissive experiences for individuals and groups to promote harmony in self and with others. His work is designed to accomplish this by working with the new concepts of the Biofield and Biofield Awareness and by providing authentic connections, inspiring curiosity, empowering emotional intelligence, nurturing self-mastery, managing stress, fostering wellbeing, and building community.​

Dan has his black belt in Aikido and also is a certified teacher in Light Body Meditation. He is also a recent co-founder of Mirabai Inc which has created a wellness platform for the nursing community called The Nursing Way.​ He conducts online classes and workshops – most recently a new experimental class called Biofield Movement and a forthcoming new class in the spring of 2023, called Biofield Awareness. He provides coaching and consultation services to individuals, families, and businesses based on the idea of the Biofield.

Dan authors and publishes books based on the exploration of the Biofield and Biofield Awareness. He co-authored the book Wake Up Curious published in 2019 as the first part of the Wake Up Trilogy. Wake up Connected is the second book, and the third book will be called Wake Up In Community expected to be published soon.

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