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Biofield Awareness

This is considered a brand-new approach to self-awareness and personal growth. It combines new leading edge Science with Ancient practices and traditions. While it's not possible to provide any guarantees, the results so far have been startling and extremely positive. After several deep and comprehensive beta tests and experiments over the past two years, we are ready to bring this work to a wider audience.


Combining the very new research of Biofield Science with Biofield Movement we have now begun teaching and experimenting with combining these two concepts. It’s an exciting adventure that as far as we know hasn’t been done before. As with everything new we are looking for early adopters and those who would like to join in the continuing experiment together.

This work combines the practice's of Aikido, Light Body meditation and the learnings from Biofield Science. For more details on these three please go here. 


We will respect the practice's and traditions of each of these three fields while stretching the boundaries of their application in the real world, with the intention to heal ourselves and our relationships, and continue on our personal growth and spiritual paths.

It started with trees. Nature was my teacher and can be yours too,

​We can learn to move like the wind and live like a tree. The natural world has much to teach us about how to live in harmony with ourselves, others, and the Planet itself. When we connect deeply to the Green World we are taught amongst other things to “slow down” in out Inner Being. To reconnect, to rediscover that inner still point. Nature invokes in us a depth and understanding that is way beyond the intellect and lives only through the heart. The Earth speaks to us in a myriad ways if we are listening. Our whole Being can respond, awakening the wisdom and depth of insights available through the miracle of the Human Body. Put another way consciously reconnecting with our bodies can teach us about who we really are and how to live in harmony with all Beings.


We have established a new Biofield Network discussion group for those most interested in joining us to continue to explore together. If you are interested in in this deeper journey please contact us.


As a result of these successful beta tests and experiments we have now created a new class in Biofield Awareness to be offered here.


Classes are, virtual live streamed and recorded for evergreen use. Watch for the Biofield Trilogy of books discussed on this site including the newest book Wake Up Connected go here. 


Would you like to join us in this grand experiment?

Dan Spinner

More Background

More Background

My Years of Aikido Practice

I began studying with that amazing Sensei who was named Henry Kono. I studied with Henry twice a week for over a decade. What I did not know or understand the significance of was that Henry had just returned from Tokyo after his own time studying with the Founder of Aikido – Morihei Ueshiba. I now know that Henry was bringing the energetic “transmission” directly from the Founder to us. At the time I didn’t have a clue.

He was taking us to another dimension, a different experience of our own and others’ bodies. We learned how to roll, how to “get centered” but most of all how to take the “attack “of another and turn it into slow motion dance of harmony. In fact, Aikido translates best from the Japanese into” The Way of Harmony”. We were learning all about “Ki” or Life Force Energy not as an idea but as a direct experience.

Light Body Meditation

While I continued to study and teach Aikido that I stumbled into a meditation practice called Light Body.

Light Body taught by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, at the time in California, and now in Oregon. I still study with them today several decades later. Their work finally began to show me that I had an energy body that it has been taught about for thousands of years and that any one so inclined and willing to do the work could access this energy body and experience in themselves and others directly. Light Body work derives from the theosophical tradition out of ancient Egypt, through Greece into the rest of the world.


I have been practicing's the combination of these two wonderful Wisdom paths ever since.

Biofield Science

Many Ancient cultures as wide ranging as Chinese, Indian, Aboriginal, Egyptian, Indigenous and Tibetan traditions have taught over the centuries that we have energy fields. They are often called by different names, and they mostly relate to the spiritual practice's of that culture, but they all connect as well to the healing practice's and traditions of those cultures. In other words, they are about Body Mind Energy connections within our selves and with others.


Named in 1991 by the National Institutes of Health the concept of the Biofield has entered western scientific discovery in the past few decades. Not without controversy as many scientists, medical practitioners and Universities treat the concept with disdain if not out right rejection. But that is changing there are mow over 9,000 scientific peer reviewed studies examining the Biofield and subtle energies.

Much of this research is summarized at the web site of the Consciousness Healing Initiative and further examined in a recent system survey CHI undertook.  That study is also on the web site. I am privileged to be the Chair of the Board of that group and a s such get access to the wonderful work and leadership of Dr. Shamini Jain, CHI’s CEO and a PhD Psychoimmunology. ​

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