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Biofield Abundance

Online Workshop Series 

January 27th &  February 3rd


Join Dan Spinner, and Danielea Castell for two COMPLIMENTRY INVITATION ONLY online informative sessions on Biofield Awareness and abundance.

Session One
A Bridge to Abundance through the Biofield

January 27, 2024 | 9:00 - 10:30 am PDT.

Session Two
Partner with a Nature
Elder for Abundance

February 3, 2024 | 9:00 - 10:30 am PDT.

Session One
A Bridge to Abundance through the Biofield

January 27, 2024 | 9:00 - 10:30 am PDT.

An Introductory workshop for Indigenous Leaders with Dan Spinner

I have been talking to Trees ever since I was a small child, or perhaps more accurately, they have been talking to me and I have learned to listen! Not long ago I received a message from Mother Fir Tree, one of my Nature Elders, who encouraged me to reach out to more people about my biofield work and not soon after, I came in contact with The Hague Centre and through them I met Brother Phil and the Bridging Continents Prophecy. 

- Dan  

In the heart of many ancient traditions and wisdom, a powerful force lies dormant, waiting to be harnessed – the biofield. This is the scientific term for the energy fields of all things. Indigenous Leaders through their practices, ceremony and culture have an intuitive understanding of these energy or biofields especially when it comes to nature including the rivers, trees, and animals. These thousands of years of tradition and practice can be applied in new ways to create sustainable abundance in the modern era. 

Learn to how to remember these teachings and how to practise new ways of manifesting resources and healthy flows of money and resources to support your vision. For many indigenous communities facing economic challenges and opportunities, this knowledge can be a beacon of hope.

The ancient/modern practice of Biofield Awareness that leads to Biofield Abundance offers a transformative journey towards attracting abundance and prosperity. In this workshop you will learn effective tools that help you:

  • Align with the life-force of the Earth and the Universe, enabling you to tap into a wellspring of potential.

  • Support the manifestation of healthy flows of money and resources for your projects and visions.

  • Attract true sustainable wealth including balance in all aspects of your life.

Experience the transformation that Biofield Abundance can bring to your life, your community, and your future. 

Facilitator: Dan Spinner is an executive and life coach for clients across three continents. Dan has been a senior executive with a number of NGOs including universities and hospitals and has helped raise over $300 million for charities and businesses. Dan talks with Trees and other nature spirits and is currently writing a book in the first person voice of a 1,000 year old Western Red Cedar.

Session Two
Partner with a Nature Elder for Abundance

February 3, 2024 | 9:00 - 10:30 am PDT.

With Danielea Castell and The Listening Field

The Listening Field (LF) is an online ceremony that emerged during lockdown in 2020, where participants are invited to connect and communicate with the heart and spirit of a Nature Elder that they know and love, usually still living on Mother Earth. This Nature Elder can be in any form such as an individual Tree, River, Mountain, Landscape, Animal or Mother Earth herself. 

The Listening Field honours all personal and cultural ways of relating with Nature. We acknowledge that Indigenous People have been living in conscious partnership with Nature relatives for thousands of years. We are now seeing Nature communication and Nature Elder’s wisdom being recognized in mainstream society. 

When social justice singer Joan Baez was asked last August at the Humanities Festival in Chicago, what she does when she doesn’t know what to do next, her answer both shocked and delighted the audience. She said, One of the things I do is talk to this Tree, a mighty Oak Tree in the fields across from the house. I don’t see therapists anymore, but I will go and talk to this Tree, and I will get an answer.

People and Nature Elders have been meeting for 3 years in The Listening Field. Many people have reported that the first message that they hear from a Nature Elder is, 

Thank you for inviting us in. We have been waiting. 

We are offering The Listening Field ceremony one week after the Biofield Abundance workshop because we believe that there are Nature Elders standing by ready to assist you on your abundance journey. The focus of the LF will be to find out which Nature Elder, out of all the ones you know and love, wishes to partner with you and what that might look like. 

Some of the benefits of having a committed Nature partner on a project include:

  • 24/7 access to a Wise One who can offer clear actionable guidance that innately serves all of life

  • Instant recalibration and revitalization of your energy through heart-to-heart contact 

  • On-going flow of unconditional love and creative inspiration 

  • Able to release guilt and judgement about Humanity’s treatment of Mother Earth


We recognize that Indigenous Leaders are often partnered with Spirit by way of Nature Elders, so the Listening Field can strengthen existing relationships and/or foster new ones. Imagine having a personal Nature partner to support you with abundance?  


A message for humanity received from the Council of Muir Grove, 12 Sequoia Tree Elders living in Sequoia National Park, WUW 2022. 


Let go of the past. Welcome the beautiful loving future that you imagine and know in your heart is possible. We are right here with you. You are not alone, never again alone.

Facilitator:  Danielea Castell is a Nature Communicator, Mentor, Consultant and founder/host of The Listening Field. Over the past 15 years Danielea has creatively partnered with more than 35 Water, Rock and Tree Elders for personal healing and guidance on how to manage global projects and visions. As a consultant and mentor Danielea guides individuals, groups and organizations who wish to creatively partner with the Nature Elders involved in their lives, products and projects. 

Messages from Climate in The Listening Field  

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Join Dan & Danielea for two complimentary 1.5 hour online workshops!

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