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The Dance of the Biofield

In the tapestry vast and ageless,

From ancient cultures, tales emerge,

Of Qi, the unseen current flowing,

Within us all, a vital surge.


An herbalist's touch, acupuncturist's sight,

Sees the biofield, glowing and bright,

A matrix of energy, soft and profound,

Connecting each cell, where memories are bound.


Like herbs with tales of sun and rain,

Our cells whisper stories of joy and pain,

In each vibrant note, a tale unfolds,

Of traumas, delights, and histories old.


Meridians, channels, pathways clear,

Guide Qi’s dance, drawing it near,

With every needle, a tune is played,

Balancing energy, making fears fade.


Herbs lend their voice, their vibrational song,

Mending and balancing, righting the wrong,

A duet of nature, so harmonious and true,

Bringing healing and peace, to me and to you.


In this dance of life, where energies entwine,

The biofield sings, with a rhythm divine,

Cellular memories rise and then fall,

In this symphony of healing, we find our call.

- Linda Ming Lee, L.Ac. MSOM

Biofield Awareness Instructor


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